5th Bi-Annual Africa Regional Youth Crime Prevention & Development Conference

Secure Africa

Mobilize, equip and empower young people to create opportunities and contribute to nation's development like their counterparts in other parts of the world.

  • Creating the Future

    The future of Africans and Africa is in the hands of its teeming population of young people, this set of people seek greener pasture abroad and has contributed to global migration, modern slavery and terrorism. The remaining ones at home are having difficulties in creating values and most of them are becoming tools, victims and perpetrators of crime and violence, this is high time to sit up and create the future we want.

  • Knowledge & Education

    Study our environment, processing the value we share and using the available tools and resources at our disposal will be our greatest asset, which we can manage to develop the Continent and create opportunities not only for the present generation, but upcoming ones.

  • Networking & Development

    We cannot do this alone, our prosperity is in our diversity. We must be ready to come together, collaborate and share experience to tackle our common problem, bring about endurable and sustainable solutions for common good

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Words on Marble

  • We all must partner to ensure Internet safety in Nigeria. Awarenesss among students will educate them on the consequences of using the Internet wrongly. We must all fight against child insecurity as far as Internet is concern.

    Prof. Umar Danbatta - NCC Executive Vice-Chairman

    Women have the voice and power to change any country. Women when included in peaceful resolution and the security agenda of their resident nation has enormous transformative potential. Ensuring a gender perspective and women's participation is critical...

    Ms. Adaora Onyechere - Gender Agenda Coordinator
  • The high rate of crime often associated with drug trade is enough to scare away highly needed foreign investors resulting into lower employment opportunities. If crimes in Nigeria and Africa are unchecked, it will undermine the rule of law; thus creating a situation where the government appears not capable of providing security for her citizens.

    Col. M.M. Abdallah Chair/CEO, NDLEA

    Corruption is a catastrophe that is destroying education which is the real power of the Nigerian youth. Education is a public trust and social good that must be valued and protected at all times

    Bar. Ekpo Nta Ex-Chairman, ICPC

Confirmed Speakers

Dr. Tunji Asaolu
Dr. Musa Abubakar
Acting Chair, ICPC
Gbenga Adeleye
YCW Coord.
Mr. Adeboye Adegoke
Digital Rights Advocate